The Motorcycles for the guided Tours and Rental

When it comes to Riding a Motorcycle in Mexico, we have to speak about the roads. In Mexico you will always find "Speed Bumbs" - called "Topes" and potholes are as well very common. This is the reason why we use HONDA, SUZUKI and BMW Dual Sport Bikes with a better suspension than a normal street bike or a Harley Davidson. Suspension is an important part of riding safe and comfortable on the different kind of streets in Mexico.

We have 2015 models
Honda Dualsport Bikes for our guided Tours and Rentals.


The HONDA XR 250 TORNADO is built specifically for the Latin American market. The air-cooled engine, provided with an additional oil cooler, has 25 hp. On the first sight, that does not sound like a lot of power. But the four-valve engine usually brings, thanks to only 134 kg/295 pounds dry weight of the bike, enough power to really have fun, even in the mountains. It does not require a huge and heavy 1200cc motorcycle to enjoy Mexico. The opposite is the case. Especially on small outlying gravel roads you will see the advantage of a lightweight dirt bike.


The motorcycles have a ground clearance of 281 mm and a spring travel of 245 mm front and 242 mm rear. The seat height can be varied by changing the suspension strut and fork.

Seat Height - 82 - 88 cm (32 - 34.5 Inch)

Power - 25 hp

Dry Weight - 134 kg/295 pounds

Fuel Capacity - 11.5 liter incl., 3.7 liter reserve


The bike is ideal for 2 persons without luggage or 1 person with luggage.



The Suzuki DR650SE is quite possible one of the best, all-around dual purpose motorcycle available today. The DR650S features a reliable 644cc oil-cooled four-stroke single carried in a strong, steel semi-double cradle frame. The front fork and link-style rear suspension with with long travel suspension can tackle tough trails or urban roads. Strong aluminum, spoke-style rims carrying tires that can handle the street or dirt with ease. The bike has a rack, 12 Volt power outlet and handle bar hand guards.


Our Suzuki has a special and very confortable seat. Much better than the original seat.



Power - 46 hp

Curb Weight - 166 kg

Fuel Capacity - 13 liter 

(3.4 gallons)

Starter - electric starter

Transmission - 5 speed

BMW F650GS Twin 
800 cc, 2 Cylinder

This bike with its 798 ccm
2-cylinder engine and 71 hp is perfect to enjoy the winding mountain roads even with 2 up and luggage. The bike comes with a SW-Motech top case, ABS, heated grips, crashbars, barkbusters, skidplate and a high touring windscreen. 





2-cylinder 798-ccm-engine

Power - 71 hp

Weight with fuel and oil - 199 kg (439 pounds)

Fuel Capacity - 16 liter (4.2 gallons)

Transmission - 6 speed


Heated Grips

Center Stand

Seat Height - 82 cm (32 Inch)