Explore the Magic Towns San Sebastian del Oeste, Mascota and its backcountry and Talpa de Allende with its famous Cathedral plus the beautiful Lake "Cajon de Peñas" in a 2 days ride.

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And always on demand, when it works best for you.

2 Days Classic Tour

Tour Explanation:

Day 1

We will leave Bike Mexico in the mountains, south of Puerto Vallarta and ride further south through the mountains and then down to a beautiful lake/dam, where we will have a stop for a snack and a drink.

We will ride through Tomatlan and then on a brand new paved road higher and higher through farmland and jungle forest to Talpa de Allende, a famous and very important town for catholic pilgrims. We have time to explore the wonderful colonial center with its plaza, awe-inspiring  church and enjoy the special atmosphere on the streets in the evening. We will stay at a nice and comfortable hotel in the center of the town. 


Day 2

We ride to the forest and highlands to Mascota, a beautiful colonial town and explore the backcountry with its valleys and little picturesque villages and farm land before we go again on the main road towards a mountain pass on more than 1800 m/6000 ft altitude. We stop and visit the old colonial village of San Sebastian del Oeste (Altitude 1400 m / 4600 feet). Here we take a riding/lunch break and walk through the cobblestone streets, visit a museum or just enjoy the special atmosphere of this old mountain village. We visit an organic coffee farm, where the owners introduce you to the secrets of how to produce and process high quality coffee. We leave the village and ride towards the coast and cross Puerto Vallarta before we ride along the coast and again back into the mountains to Bike Mexico.

This trip is only on paved and cobblestone roads.


For the less experienced rider:

The bike has to be well controlled on winding mountain roads.


As we want to provide you with a vacation experience, the ride will be relaxed rather than racing. Your day with us should be enjoyable, at a comfortable pace and stress-free for all participants experiencing the beautiful country side, thus being an “enduro hiking” tour. There is time to stop, enjoy the scenery and take pictures or videos.

Next Tour Dates:


And always on demand, when it works best for you.



650.00 USD for one Rider on HONDA XR 250 TORNADO

800.00 USD for one Rider with Passenger on HONDA XR 250 TORNADO


725.00 USD for one Rider on SUZUKI DR 650 SE

875.00 USD for one Rider with Passenger on SUZUKI DR 650 SE


USD 800.00 USD for one Rider on SUZUKI V-STROM 650 XT

USD 950.00 USD for one Rider with Passenger on SUZUKI V-STROM 650 XT

Minimum Number of Participants: 2 Riders

It's possible to do it for 1 Rider only with an extra charge of 20 %.


$10.00 U.S. / DAY HONDA - XR 250 TORNADO
- Deductible $ 1000.00 U.S. for damages and theft. Deposit is $ 1000.00 U.S.

$15.00 U.S. / DAY - SUZUKI DR 650
- Deductible $ 1500.00 U.S. for damages and theft. Deposit is $ 1500.00 U.S.

$20.00 U.S. / DAY - SUZUKI V-STROM 650 XT 
- Deductible $ 2000.00 U.S. for damages and theft. Deposit is $ 2000.00 U.S.

A deposit of ($ 2000.00 U.S.-HONDA TORNADO   $ 3000.00 U.S.-SUZUKI DR 650   $ 4000.00 U.S.-SUZUKI V-STROM 650 XT ) is required at the time of pick up and you are fully responsible for any damage to, or theft of, your rental vehicle.


Please Note:

We accept Visa, Master, Diners Club and Discover Credit Cards.

We don't accept American Express Credit Card.


Please confirm that your Credit Card will work in Mexico and has enough credit for the deposit payment.


What is included:

- Renting Motorcycle HONDA XR 250 TORNADO, SUZUKI DR 650 SE, 
- 1 Night in nice Hotel in single room and breakfast

- Motorcycle Basic Insurance

- Safety Gear, like DOT certified helmet, body armor or back protector
  and gloves

- Fuel

- Bilingual Tour Guide

- Water or soft drink during tour break



Valid drivers license (for Motorcycle, depending on state laws)
Credit Card for security deposit or cash

The minimum age is 21 years. Exceptions may be made for group bookings or if a parent wants to ride together with a son/daughter. At the discretion of Bike-Mexico.

Minimum 1 year riding experience with motorcycles


What to bring:

Windbreaker Jacket, sweater or something similar as it can get chilly in the mountains. 

Footwear for riding (hiking boots or something similar)

Long Pants

Sun protection (sun blocker)

Money in Pesos for lunch, dinner, tips or souvenirs